We sell pigeons for a normal fixed price price, not the latest marketing driven nonsense. We will regularly add new pigeons and provide as much valuable information as possible. You can purchase any pigeon offered at a fixed price. Any transport costs are not included, so you can decide whether you want to collect the pigeon yourself or have it delivered by a carrier or courier.

All Fixed Price Pigeons have been peronally assessed by us and meet our quality requirements. With each pigeons we place an overview of various character traits of the pigeon in question.

The Fixed Price Pigeons that you purchase from is will certainly not disappoint you. The only thing we cannot guarantee (and no one can!) is you winning. The only thing we CAN guarantee is that we are offering pigeons with a family history breeding and winning races!

All birds are in good condition, vaccinated and ready to ship!



Latest additions

NL18-1768678 [SON 'KAI VERBIJ'] SON of NATIONAL SUPER ACE 'KAI VERBIJ' winner of 7 times top…
€ 450,00
NL2019-1552831 [CAPRICIO - grandson DA VINCI]
€ 250,00
NL2019-1552906 [MEALY KING]
€ 175,00
NL2019-1552905 [RED ALERT]
€ 175,00


Special offers in 2023

At the moment the pigeons from Dirk van den Bulck (Belgium) are very popular. Next season we will surprise you with special offers (inbred grandchildren) from the following well-known and super performing lines:

Present in our breeding loft: Daughter "GOLD DUST" 


Present in our breeding loft: Daughter "BRATT"


Present in our breeding loft: Son "ANGELINA"



Are you interested and you can not wait any longer? Please send an email for further information and claim your pigeons!

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